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We are a Swiss couple, Francois and Gina, who love this country we want you to discover, our primary motivation is that you have a wonderful time in Cameroon and that you return home with eyes full of images and memories of thrills!


Our Technical Director, Olivier POUILLY, lives in Cameroon over the past twenty years. He lives with his wife in Maroua, Anne-Marie, the daughter of Chief Rhumsiki.
He manages our tours and if he had a potential hazard to occur, there paliera as soon as possible, to make your stay as pleasant as possible.
It will give you a vehicle with a driver and a guide to accompany you throughout your journey north.


In the South, our collaborator Laurent ZRA Cameroon organize your whole trip and will handle all your reservations for your arrival everything is in order for your stay.
He is based in Douala and therefore deals with all the technical and monitoring for the south, it usually accompanies our clients circuit when they go into the bush or among the pygmies in Central Africa Dzangha Shanga that he knows very well.
It will give you a vehicle with a driver and a guide to accompany you throughout your journey south.


Fagus Voyages is a travel agency dynamic, efficient and reliable, our services offer safety and comfort.
Your landing when you leave, we will take care of your wellbeing!
We make for you a customized trip, according to your interests and your desire for discovery.
Our Fleet 4X4, spoke with the utmost care, and equipped to regional conditions.


Safaris in Boubandjida reserves, Waza and "The Benue"; Fishing in lakes and rivers in beautiful nature, Trekking in the Mandara mountains, the mountains and Alantika on Mount Cameroon; Nature and meeting with people of Cameroon; study tours and professional Travel Incentives, Logistics Support for reports and documentary films; Relaxation resort: Lake "Lagdo" or the Atlantic Ocean with Kribi and Limbe.