Bed and Breakfast in Maroua

A charming Studio

Un charmant studio

If you wish, you have the opportunity to be hosted in Host room Maroua, you will stay in our Director Olivier married the daughter of Chief Rhumsiki and you will appreciate the welcome from the locals.
You will eat the excellent traditional food, the master or braised, the N'Dolé, excellent zebu meat, etc. ... but if you prefer, you can eat a European.

You will also be able to stay home full two days and see so close the family system in northern Cameroon and from there you will make excursions in the footsteps of Jules Verne in his travels "five weeks in a balloon" on tooth Mindif which was shot on film "Chocolat" and then eat a good meal Kaele after observing alligators in the lake surrounded by cliffs where the zebu come to drink and bathe the children of the village, climb the hill Makabai nearby Maroua to discover
objects such as chipped flint point shot, two-sided, cut arrows lying on the ground.

You can turn a day trip from Ourotchedé for road de Mora, then you will turn off towards Douvangar and 5km Douvangar you go visit the mountain has a traditional old wizard who will tell you your present and future. Then return on Douvangar, visit traditional concessions and the surprising and huge church built in stone and close by, you will make your picnic lunch. In the early afternoon departure for the village of Kaliao and volcanic Mt Beguelé, then return to the Mayo Ourotchedé (dry river bed in the dry season) where you spend a great night.