Bouba N'Djida

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The Camp

Enthusiasts Africa, bush, wildlife, wild life, welcome to Boubandjida! An African experience to discover in privacy, away from a usual photo safaris destinations.



The Reserve

Cameroon, prized by connoisseurs of big game hunting safaris for its rich wildlife, is now certainly the most representative of safari destinations in francophone Africa. Kept away from mass tourism, this beautiful country of diversity has preserved a rare authenticity. To the north the particular habitat and varied landscapes offer a setting far removed from the well-known standards of natural parks in southern Africa or East. In the middle of endless stretches of Africa original National Park Boubandjida, vast expanse of jungle, home to all species unique to this region of Central Africa, here represented widely and readily observed.

The desert shrub, to changing reliefs, is not conducive to the evolution of large herds. It is more suited to silent and discrete approaches, the chance encounters of guaranteeing strong emotions and memories ...




A different way of approaching the safari, for true nature lovers, who can here, beyond the simple observation of nature, a different perspective on the bush and wildlife, but also understand the immersive below the life of a Park and realities of African life.