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We organize for you, 4X4, and photo safaris in the parks and wildlife reserves of North Cameroon, each with particular characteristics in terms of both wildlife and in terms of vegetation.


The Waza Reserve

Situated in the Lake Chad basin, it covers 170’000 hectares. It is the most impressive and therefore the most visited of the game parks in Cameroon. It is characterized by three types of vegetation: the forest zone, the acacia zone and the flood plains of the Logone.

Here you can see giraffe, elephant, lions, kob antelope, pata monkeys, gazelles, hyenas, warthogs and ostriches to name but the most familiar of the park’s inhabitants. You will also find the region’s many migrating birds.


The Boubandjida Reserve

220’000 hectares and 450 km of dirt roads. With its rivers, many trees and rocks, this is not only the largest but perhaps the most attractive of Cameroon’s parks. Although rich in fauna, it must be acknowledged that the rugged country, vast spaces and thick vegetation make game watching more difficult than at Waza for example. But nowhere is it more authentic. Boubandjida is the domain of elephant, lions, buffalo, Derby eland etc..


Benoue Reserve

180’000 hectares. The vegetation is that of wooded savanna. The banks of the Benoue River constitute a main attraction of this park. One is immediately tempted to walk along its wooded bank’s, its course divided into puddles at the height of the dry season and forming pools between sandbanks and rocks.

- All terrain vehicles with driversExperienced trackersReservation of air conditioned bungalow accommodation either in the reserves or nearby.