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Wonderful walking in Kapsiki country, in the Mandara Mountains above the vast Nigerian plains.
Depending on the distance to be walked, porters or pack donkeys will accompany you. You will sleep in tents or huts in small, traditional mountain villages.
We can suggest other, less demanding, hikes lasting a few hours or a whole day in various places such as the Ronier Valley, the Kola Gorges, Mount Tinguelin or Amsa.



Treks lasting several days in the Alantika and Mandara Mountains, demanding in nature and requiring participants to be in good physical condition.
Venturing into these primitive areas, where 90% of the mountain tribes are animists, living apart from “civilization”, and some of whom may never have seen a white person, requires serious preparation to ensure total autonomy as regards both food and shelter, for which you will be equipped with tents.
You will be accompanied by guides and porters or pack donkeys, depending on the length of the trek.


Mount Cameroon

4070m – a thrilling ascent.
Climb from Buea with guide and porters to the summit of the volcano.