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On your return from the day’s activities, hot and dusty, you will be delighted to find the comfort and atmosphere of a good hotel. A shower, clean clothes, a refreshing drink with family or friends, a chance to exchange stories of the outstanding events of the day. A good meal, a day spent relaxing, the chance to wander around a market, to take in the smells and colours of an African town.


Le Jet Hôtel à Douala


La Villa Luciole à M'Bouroukou


Seme New Beach Hôtel à Limbé


Hôtel Ilomba à Kribi


Le Ranch de N'Gaoundaba à N'Gaoundéré


Le Lagon bleu à Lagdo


Le Campement de Bouba N'Djida


Le relais de la Porte Mayo à Maroua


Hôtel Le Saré à Maroua


Le Campement de Rhumsiki


La Maison de l'Amitié à Rhumsiki


Safari Danay à Maga


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