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Lakes and rivers teeming with fish!
Great moments for fishing enthusiasts.
Lakes full of fish such as Maga, Lagdo Tibati and Lake Chad.
Fine fresh water fishing in beautiful natural settings. A great variety of fish in the Benoue, Vina and Djerem rivers and numerous Mayos.
- Capitain or Nile perch
- Binga or tiger fish
- Redtail
- Carp
- Tilapia
- Chevalus
- Silurid etc...

We will obtain your Cameroonian fishing permit.
- Fishing guides
- Food supplies
- Tents, mosquito nets, kitchen equipment
- 4 or 6 seater Zodiac with 20 hp engine

Sport fishing equipment

Tiger fish

-Fishing rod 50-150 gram strength, 2.70-3.40 m long.Telescopic 5 piece maximum. Or 2 piece carbonReel-medium weight. Capacity 185/0.40Nylon line 0.40mm – 2 spools of 100 mLures: 10 spoons of 30 gram silver and red Eira 10 spoons of 50 gram Eira 14 cm floating and diving RAPALAS Triple bronzed hooks: 2 boxes of 10 (2/0), 2 boxes of 10 (4/0)Steel leader: 10m 20 kg resistanceClips, sleeves etc..

Nile perch

Fishing rod 100-250 gram strength, 2.70-3.50 m longTelescopic 5 piece maximum. Or 2 piece carbon.Reel-heavy weight with pick-up. Capacity c 100/0.70Nylon line 0.60mm – 2 spools of 100m 0.70mm – 2 spools of 100mLures: 5 spoons of 100 gram Cybele 5- 10 18 cm floating and diving RAPALAS 20 triple bronzed hooks 6/0 10 triple bronzed hooks 7/0 20 triple bronzed hooks 8/0Steel leader: 20m 50 kg resistance 20m 80 kg resistance
Clips, sleeves etc..

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